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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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d, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine, washington. it's thursday, august 11. i am cynee simpson. >> at i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden for the roadways in a moment, but we start with meteorologist adam caskey with cool temperatures. >> very pleasant conditions the next few days. just a little boring for us in the weather center. nothing to complain about right now. 69 in d.c., 67 in gaithersburg, 69 in springfield 67 in germantown. dew points in the 50's and 60's. close to 80 degrees is the temperature for the potomac highlands. a lot of sunshine throughout the day. we have a cloud deck over southern maryland early this morning. tomorrow morning in the 50's. mid 80's again tomorrow with low
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humidity. looking and feeling good is traffic around the beltway. interstate travel south into richmond and notes into baltimore. to the airport is clear. overnight construction barrels have been picked up. no troubles on 95. looks good on 66, the dulles greenway, the dulles toll road, and a nice run through the district. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news out of afghanistan this morning five nato service members have been killed in the country. the troops died in a roadside bombing in the southern part of afghanistan. no other details have been released so far. 51 foreign service members have been killed there this month. we will bring you any new developments when they become available. >> police have called off the search for a maryland woman who is missing in aruba. for the first time, her family is ready to speak out. robyn gardner disappeared more than a week ago during a trip to the caribbean with a man she met on-line. now he is in custody but he
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denies any role in her disappearance. her brother has his doubts, however. jummy olabanji is on the story. >> rabshe is a very loving and kind person. >> andrew colson has no problem speaking about his sister, but his lawyers said not to show his face due to concerns over gary giordano, the man suspected in the disappearance. >> is there a possibility he could come back? >> you never know. >> you think he's dangerous? >> yes. >> gary giordano told aruban police that robyn gardner was swept away by the currents while they were snorkeling. police have called off the search for robyn gardner but gary giordano remains behind bars after he tried to. leave to islands >> she's a wonderful person and i hope i can do something to bring her home or find out what
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happened the truth. >> those who knew robyn gardner the most are hoping that she will. come home will >> my gut feeling and instinct is that she is out there somewhere. >> robyn gardner's parents are expected to release a statement to the media later on today. they are in florida. gary giordano is still being questioned on her disappearance in aruba. >> her parents are expected to release a statement later today. gary giordano is still being questioned in aruba. stay tuned for good morning america right after this newscast for more on that story. following developments from britain this morning. police are raiding homes in london. police planted dozens of arrests in connection with riots there. london and other cities were quiet overnight after days of fires and looting.
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british prime minister david cameron warned that order would be restored by whatever means necessary. there was a vigil for three men who died after being hit by a car in birmingham. age and indexes are down again overnight. the japanese nikkei dropped 1.2%, wiping out any gains from the day before. china's shanghai composite closed down 1.5%. the hang seng fell 1.1%. so far, stock futures are pointing upward. >> this follows another volatile day on wall street. the dow jones dropped more than 400 points intraday. karen travers joins us from the west with more on the stock shock and its effect on the white house as well as everywhere else. good morning. >> good morning. that global market whiplashed continues today. the asian markets are falling and that is picking up on concerns that there's a continuing debt crisis out of europe. there are rumors that france, the third largest economy in
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europe will be the next country to see a downgrade in their credit rating. that is because of debt issues. this wild ride on wall street is adding up to a very bad summer for president obama especially when it comes to the economy. a new poll found his approval rating is just 45%. americans are increasingly pessimistic. 72 percent of americans felt the country is on the wrong track. nearly half said the worst is yet to come. of course republican presidential candidates smell blood in the water. tonight they will be gathered on the same stage in iowa for a key date before the straw poll on saturday. looks like their strongest political jabs will be reserved for president obama. karen travers abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. we will continue to keep an eye on that. police investigating the crash in springfield that killed three people. happened around 6:00 last night it in the 7700 block of backlick road.
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a toyota pickup truck crossed the median and then struck a jeep cherokee and an oldsmobile sedan. two people in the truck and a woman driving the jeep were killed. there's no word on the identities of the victim's. friends and family members gathered to remember 20-year-old jasmine banks. she was shot outside msg nightclub in capitol heights. the club has been shut down. police have no suspects and are investigating whether it is linked to other killings outside local nightclubs. 3 florida siblings wanted in connection with a week-long crime spree are now sitting in a colorado jail. they were arrested after a high- speed chase. lee daugherty was shot in the leg when she pointed a gun at officers. one brother was arrested waterway and the other was captured by construction workers -- one brother was arrested right away.
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>> he gave up without much of a fight. he was tired. >> of the siblings shot at a florida police officer posing cruiser and the robber bank in georgia. the serial slasher is being blamed for more attacks on women at fairfax county shopping centers. three more women have come forward. that brings the total number of victims to nine. the newly reported incidents have all happened at fair oaks mall in february. the women eat said they felt a sharp pain and suddenly realized they had been stabbed in the buttocks. -- each felt a sharp pain . there's a new treatment being called the most significant development in a decade for cancer. >> . it putting lives >. let's not pulling any punches.
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by one lawmaker is so upset over a hollywood depiction of the death of osama bin laden. >> get ready to enjoy a welcome break from the heat and humidity. adam caskey will have the full forecast, coming up next.
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thursday morning, 5:10.
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we have a great day ahead next couple days, actually. a lot of sunshine with low humidity. we could use a few showers across the region and there's a chance as we get into the weekend. one little cloud deck over lower southern maryland. that will scoots out of here. even southern maryland will enjoy a lot of sunshine later this morning. here are some of the close temperatures. frostburg 57, western port, 58, hancock, 59. strasbourg virginia -- strasburg, virginia 60. yesterday was 93 degrees. today, in the 80's. that's where we will be through the extended forecast. now to lisa baden. everybody will want to run outside and drive. last go. no problems to report a
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roundabout way. we are good in virginia along 66, 95. good on the greenway the dulles toll road, across the american legion bridge. one minor crash in maryland, 29 southbound mr. lyon road, but you can get through. -- close to fairlane rd. text message emergency. it's about to be the new future for first responders. >> higher office for alec baldwin, setting his sights on th woman: day care can be expensive. so to save some money, i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr:
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on this thursday, aruban authorities are ending their search for a maryland woman missing from and -- for more than a week. robyn gardner's travel companion says she was pulled
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out to sea while snorkeling. but her family and friends question that story. gary giordano is being held as a suspect in her disappearance. asian markets are down following yesterday's freefall on wall street. the dow lost more than 500 points on fears of an expanding debt crisis in europe and bad economic news and home. the struggling economy is also taking a toll on president obama's approval rating. 7 republican presidential hopefuls will face off in iowa tonight. tonight's debate is the last before this weekend's republican straw poll. many of the candidates will try to set themselves apart from front-runner mitt romney. 5:15 is the time; the u.s. military says the taliban militants were shot down the helicopter in afghanistan last weekend were killed in an air strike. 30 u.s. troops including 22 navy seals died in that crash. officials say intelligence gathered at the crash site led them to the militants who were
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in a compound in a remote wooded area. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has ordered states like to fly at half staff tomorrow as part of a day of mourning for the service members killed in afghanistan. the commonwealth is home to one of the nation's largest military communities, including the navy seals. check out our photo gallery of the men who died in saturday's to chopper crashed. log on to an upcoming movie about the group that took out osama bin laden is causing a stir on capitol hill. the home and house homeland security committee chair wants to know if the cia or defense apart and reveal classified information to the filmmaker. >> the administration has shown itself incapable of keeping sensitive information secret. if they are disclosing it to newspapers and magazines and the media, how can we be sure that they will not disclose it to a
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hollywood producer? >> the white house says it did not release any classified information. the movie is expected to be released before the 2012 election. president obama thanks muslims for their service to the united states. he hosted a traditional ramadan dinner last night. he said the upcoming 10th anniversary of the september 11 attacks is a good time to remember that people of different backgrounds were killed. mayor of manhattan? actor alec baldwin tells the new york times is considering a run for the top job in new york city but no time soon. the 53-year-old wants to get a master's in politics and government first. it's scary couple minutes for police and tourists at the new york landmarks. a 23-year-old man sat calmly on the lead of the rockefeller center, 70 floors above manhattan. new york police were able to talk him out of jumping.
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the man apologized for the inconvenience caused and was taken to the hospital for observation. texting 911 and google loses ground in the search engine battle. tanya rivero has those stories and more. >> you could someday have someone new to texas, emergency services. there's a new plan to let people use their mobile phones to texas and multimedia messages to 911. implementing that could take years. you can get kindle books anywhere now from amazon, that allows access instantly from your web browser without downloading the books. google is still the most used internet search provider, but lost some ground last month. yasuo's share edged up past 16%. american trust credit card
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companies the most when it comes t-mobile to on-line payments. ebay and facebook are the least trusted. yahoo shares edged up past 16%. it will be hard to find someone who's not happy with the forecast today. >> we could use some rain, but we will get that chance on the weekend. let's just enjoy today. let's look at temperatures right now on this thursday morning. looking and feeling good. 67 at dulles airport. it's a little warmer along the waterways. for example look down south in southern maryland. 77 in lexington park, off 75 in annapolis. 74 at reagan national. 64 in frederick 63 in
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gaithersburg. but temperatures will drop a little more this morning. the dew points are in the 50's for the most part. that measures the humidity. when you get the numbers in the 50's in the summertime, that's good. this is what we hoped for in august. it will feel great out there. one cloud deck over lower southern maryland at this time, the gray color. that's the cloud deck moving into the middle peninsula and tidewater area. that will continue moving east. all of us will have clear skies and a lot of sunshine throughout the day. if there could be patchy clouds developing between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. but mostly sunny. 44 days so far with temperatures in the 90's. mid 80's for the afternoon high today. in west virginia and parts of the potomac highlands, near 80 degrees for the afternoon high today. for the weekend, saturday will be a pleasant day, mainly dry.
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saturday night into about sunday afternoon, an area of low pressure moves into our area and will give us our best chance of widespread showers and a few thunderstorms. if temperatures will dip down to 83 on monday. long-term trends are showing we could be back in the heat and humidity next week by the end of next week. >> what are you going to do? be careful on the roads. stay to the right on 29 out of columbia to get into silver spring. there was a crash. we will take you. 29, southbound stay to the right. northbound, the only thing block is the turn lane. a lot of equipment there. in virginia, nothing very complicated. 66, 95 395, moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21 69 degrees outside. >> coming up, several players
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will not be available for the redskins this weekend. >> today on "oprah," a miraculous twist of fate, 4:00 on abc 7.
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launches 12 left center. >> the breeze was blowing for the nationals and cubs in the
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windy city last night. that went right out of raley field. chicago had three home runs, winning the game over the nationals. >> they will play again this afternoon as a make up for the monday game when it rained. >> tim brant as the rest of the morning sports. >> good morning. the redskins have avoided any big-time injuries in the first 13 practices. as they close in on more night's game with the steelers, john beck will not play. they signed at matt kibbe terrac -- they signed matt gu ttierez. lorenzo alexander is happy to play somebody in a different color jersey. >> it's better than camp when
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you are not working towards anything. you always get energy because you are about to play games and at you have a goal, to work on your craft. >> they will play the eagles tonight on abc 7. >> plenty to look forward to this weekend. 70 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour metro workers who appear to be asleep at the switch. are still on the job. we will explain why. >> the stock market whiplashed continues and president obama's poll numbers are falling. i will have that story coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. it's going to be a fantastic next couple days, but we coul
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> my gut feeling and instinct is that she is out there somewhere to be found. texting optimistic in the face of tragedy. the search for missing maryland woman in aruba has been called off. good morning, washington. it's thursday, august 11. i am cynee simpson. >> i am scott thuman. glad to have you with us today. we begin with traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. adam caskey has a pretty nice forecast. >> very pleasant and comfortable. you can roll down the windows as you ride to work today. it's going to feel good for change. take a look the numbers. mainly in the 60's right now with a few exceptions. 72 in riverdale 71 in college park, 70 in woodbrige, 68 in what was d.c..
5:30 am
the humidity is very low, dew points in the 50's. high temperatures in the mid 80's today. it was 93 yesterday downtown. the mid 80's today with low humidity a refreshing northerly breeze. tomorrow, pretty much the same story. sunshine with low humidity. by the weekend, an area of low pressure will give us humidity on saturday if and increase rain chances saturday night and sunday. a crash on airlines -- a crash in maryland between randolph road and bridge cheney near fairland road traffic getting by in both directions on 29. virginia travel is not as complicated. metro rail is reporting normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. 5:30. following breaking news this morning from afghanistan. five nato service members died
5:31 am
in a roadside bombing. it happened in the southern part of the country. nato officials are not releasing details about the attack or the troops killed. we will have more informational the breaking news as it becomes available. police in aruba have called off the search for missing maryland woman but her family is not giving up hope. robyn gardner vanished on august 2. for the first time her family speaking out. jummy olabanji is live in the west washington this morning with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. ever since this story broke robyn gardner's family has said that they did not like the way she was being portrayed in the media. now they are speaking out speaking only to abc 7 news yesterday. we spoke with her brother andrew colson, two did not show his face on camera because he said authorities warned him not to do to concerns over gary giordano, the man who police have in custody in aruba suspected in
5:32 am
the disappearance. robyn gardner has been missing since august 2. gary giordano told aruban police that she was swept away by rough currents while the two were snorkeling. he was detained by aruban police after trying to leave the island. gardner's family does not believe his story, but they are holding on to hope that the girl they love so much will be found safe and alive. >> she told me to live every day like it's your last. i have tried to do the same and i know that she does the same. >> coming up in our next half- hour we will hear even more from her brother as well as one of roommates. later this morning on good morning america, an interview with mr. forster robyn gardner's boyfriend, one of the last people to talk with her since she has gone missing. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. following developments from
5:33 am
britain. police are raiding homes looking for people who took part in the riots and looting. the streets were quiet last night. british prime minister david cameron will outline a plan to deal with the disorder during a special session of parliament today. there was also a vigil for three men had who died after being hit by car in birmingham. global markets continued their wild ride. >> the japanese nikkei slipped 0.6%. the hang seng in hong kong fell 1%. the chinese index in and shanghai rose 1.3%. antara stretch for president obama. karen travers has details. >> the global market whiplashed continues. asian markets fell on thursday, picking up their pattern of mimicking the u.s. markets from the day before. the latest cost for sell-offs concerns that france will be the next country to face a credit
5:34 am
downgrade because of debt issues. on wall street, it's been a week of massive swings. the dow jones down more than 600 points on monday. of more than 400 on tuesday. those gains and more were gone on wednesday. the dow closed down 519 points the ninth biggest drop in history. >> its not a full-blown panic yet, but it could get there. >> the roller-coaster ride on wall street is the latest bad economic news that may be a terrible summer for president obama. his approval rating according to a new poll is 45%. 73% of americans say the country is on the wrong track. nearly half of them say the worst is yet to come. the republican presidential candidates tonight will square off in a debate in iowa, but their strongest political jabs will be certainly aimed at president obama. karen travers, abc news. a congressional committee charged with finding ways to reduce the debt is taking shape. senate majority leader harry
5:35 am
reid senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, and john boehner announced their choices and it. nancy pelosi has until next week to choose three people to serve on that call-member panel. police investigating a triple fatal crash in silver spring that happened around 6:00 last night in the 7700 block of backlick road. a toyota pickup struck a jeep cherokee and an oldsmobile sedan. there is no word on the victims' identities this morning. 3 florida siblings suspected of a crime spree in two states are sitting in a colorado jail this morning. lee dougherty and the two brothers were arrested after a high-speed chase in colorado springs. there were wanted for shooting at a florida police officer car as well as robbing a bank in georgia. d.c. leaders are celebrating a significant drop in violent crime this summer.
5:36 am
the district recorded 16 homicides in june and july. that is 43% less than last year. mayor vincent gray credits the one-city summer fun initiative. homicides decreased by 71% during those three months in the targeted area. the number of people in our area who identify themselves as a same-sex couple is skyrocketing. the number of same-sex couples in maryland is up 51% from 10 years ago. in virginia, the number of same- sex couples is up 49% from a decade ago. d.c. figures will be. released be. 69 degrees outside. >> still ahead a breakthrough in the battle against cancer. we will tell you why doctors call it the most significant development in a decade. >> two metro workers caught on tape asleep on the job.
5:37 am
why metro says both men are still working. >> but first another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be right back.
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my staff and i on behalf of all the volunteers would like to wish you a -- >> good morning, washington. 5:40. we are in store for pretty nice day. >> i'm looking forward to it. it's going to be nice. adam caskey has a look at the weather. then, traffic. this is a beautiful shot. >> it's beautiful. i will step out of the way so you can see the full screen of the gorgeous conditions at the bay. sunrise at 6:18 a few scattered clouds in the early morning sky. pleasant conditions across the entire area. 75 in annapolis. it's a little warmer along the waterways because of the warm water. dulles airport, 67. winchester, 64. 63 in cumberland along with frederick and gaithersburg. on our way to the mid 80's today
5:41 am
locally. even cooler north west of town, near 80 degrees especially in parts of the potomac highlands. sunshine, low humidity, and a refreshing north breeze. good news today and tomorrow. and by the weekend, a few showers. some areas of rain especially saturday night into sunday. now to lisa baden for the commute. metro rail is good. marc rail, drv normal service. no major accidents to report as far as 95. 66 looks good. looks good on 81 route 11, interstate 70. traffic through southeast d.c. come on in. this looking at traffic across the 14th street bridge. between colombia and silver spring there's a complicated scenario. colesville road at firland road.
5:42 am
trapping getting by to the right. -- traffic getting by. >> a special tour of the newest model on the national mall for d.c. residents only. that's coming up. >> metro station managers getting sleep on the job. now those pictures are raising eyebrows. mike conneen in arlington this morning. details
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checking our top stories aruban authorities have called off the search for missing maryland woman. robyn gardner's travel companion, gary giordano, says she was pulled out to sea while snorkeling. her friends and family are questioning that story. he is being held as a suspect in her disappearance. as a markets were mixed
5:46 am
today after wall street posted second freefall this week. the dow lost more than 500 points today on fears of an expanding debt crisis in europe and a slowing economy here at home. a few markets are up -- european markets are up this morning. an actor is behind bars in arizona. he was arrested on an outstanding warrant after failing to show up for court hearing in february. he was arrested last year for driving under the influence of drugs. the u.s. military now says that it has taken out the taliban fighters believed to have shot down a at a u.s. helicopter in afghanistan last weekend. \ 30 u.s. troops died when the chopper went down. officials say intelligence gathered at the scene of the crash led them to the militants. there were killed in an air strike on a remote wooded area in central afghanistan. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has ordered state flags to fly at half staff tomorrow as part of a day of mourning for those service
5:47 am
members killed in afghanistan. the commonwealth is home to one of the nation's largest military communities including navy seals. caught on camera. photos of what appear to be a metro station manager asleep on the job. you have to look as. this picture is one of two pictures taken at the data separate stations. this morning metro says the men are still on the job. mike conneen is live at the ballston metro station to explain why that is. >> good morning. the station managers are usually found inside a large kiosks inside metro stations watching security cameras. they have a giant windows so they can keep an eye on everything and everyone. it's hard to do that if you are getting some sleep. many passengers say this happens all the time. now they are worried that something bad could possibly happen that could have major implications if there is an emergency. in these pictures taken by
5:48 am
passengers two metro employees appear to be sleeping on the job. the photographs surfaced on a local watchdog web site where photographs have shown up in the past. passengers say they're not surprised, but never got to take a picture of it before. the photograph of one station manager was taken after midnight last saturday according to the web site at the columbia heights station where metro crime has been on the rise. the other was taken in ballston a few days earlier. the employees appear to be completely oblivious to what's happening on the security monitors. >> a lot of people could jump the gate. what if there was an emergency and they are calling you over the intercom and you cannot hear? you would not able to attend to their needs because you were busy sleeping at work. >> metro says in response, "sleeping on duty is absolutely unacceptable. we have requested further details from the photographers
5:49 am
so we can pursue the matter." these employees to work between eight hours and nine hours per night are still on normal duty still on the job. a metro spokesperson says they will remain on the job and the agency will not take any action until they can speak to the photographers directly to get more details about what exactly happened. reporting live in arlington mike conneen, abc 7 news. d.c. residents will have a chance to get an exclusive tour of the martin luther king jr. national memorial. city says 20-25,000 free passes will be distributed for d.c. residents day on august 23. the memorial near the tidal basin opens to the public on august 22. it will officially be dedicated on august 28. >> i had a chance to check that out yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. scientists are reporting a possible breakthrough in treating leukemia. researchers at the university of pennsylvania used the gene
5:50 am
therapy technique and modified patient's blood cells and used those to destroy the cancer cells. the results were astounding. >> this is an exciting study because it takes principles we have been working on for decades, applies those, and produces meaningful results. >> the technique has only been used on three patients so far. two appear to be cancer free a year after treatment. the third patient's condition has improved. quite a breakthrough. 5:50, to a check on traffic and weather. these are the days we have been waiting for. -- time to check on traffick and weather. >> you get a bigger impact from the cold front. it's making a splash. very comfortable out there today. you can try to work with your
5:51 am
windows rolled down rather than the air conditioning. if you're waiting at the bus stop, you will like it out there. it's still good pleasant morning. it's comfortable. a beautiful look at damascus. sunrise at 6:18. 13 hours and 50 minutes a day like today. by this time next month on september 11 we will have about 73 minutes less of a light. we will lose over an hour in just a month. temperatures right now are in the 60's for the most part. 74 downtown. we could still drop into the 60's. it has been 26 days since we have been in the 60's at reagan national. 63 in gaithersburg and frederick. winchester and culpeper all at 63 along with charlottesville. a little warmer along the waterways because water temperatures are still in the 80's. reagan national is immediately along the waterway. we have seen a little influence
5:52 am
of the waterway. dew points in its 50's, which means we have low humidity. but if we could get it our way with low humidity in the summer, we would prefer a dew points in the 50's. it has usually been in the 60's. but because of the cold front yesterday, we have a break in the humidity. there's a cloud deck in southern maryland. distraction in arkansas. they could use some drought relief. mid 80's today. 86 for the high temperature with low humidity and a refreshing with wind. same story tomorrow with sunshine. best chance of showers and storms is saturday night through sunday afternoon. the better day this week ended saturday. mid 80's with added humidity on saturday. we will go straight to newschopper 7. they have been flying over a crash on 29 maryland between colombia and silver spring at fairland road. a great picture. new stoc and seventraffic on the right
5:53 am
is northbound. southbound will stay to the right. northbound only the turn lane is blocked. if you use metro rail and go to the dupont circle station the 19th street entrance escalators are out of service. the trains are running on normal service. but the 19th street entrance, you will have to walk. back to you. >> thank you. stressed out americans want an official day of rest and relaxation. i am part of that group. we got some grim news on the housing market as well. >> with all that and a look at how wall street is shaping up ahead of the opening bell, let's go to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good morning. let's begin with the downbeat news. foreclosure filings dropped 35% last month to the lowest level
5:54 am
in four years, however it's not a sign of a rebound in housing market. the drop is because lenders and state and federal agencies are increasing efforts to keep the liquid or worse in their homes. as for the d.c. housing market the number of contracts signed for the month of july fell by almost 11% from june. the debt ceiling debate probably caused home buyers to pause before making any purchases. if all the economic storm oil has you stressed out, you are not alone. americans want an official day to relax. according to a new survey three-quarters of americans want to see august 15 designated as national relaxation day. americans are busier than ever and constantly being connected to smartphones makes it even harder to wind down and check out. and some good news, stock index futures indicating gains of about 1% for the major market
5:55 am
averages. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. that sounds like a better idea every time you mention that. we do need a national relaxation day. >> i am all for that. we could relax for a couple hours even if we don't get it. 5:55, 68 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington."
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captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back. in the day ahead, a candlelight vigil will be held for st. mary's county volunteer firefighter who drowned on saturday while trying to save a friend. christopher dove into the water and began struggling. another christopher tried to save him but they both drowned. the vigil will be held at the pier at 9:00 tonight. president obama will hit the road today and will be touring a michigan factory that makes advanced batteries for hybrid vehicles and all electric vehicles. tonight you'll be in new york city for a couple campaign fund- raisers. >> thanks for taking that. there's a lot more still to come in the next hour. >> coming up, one of america's most famous landmarks is under construction. we will tell you about the renovations of the statue of
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